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 "The future belongs to the curious.  The ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it, and turn it inside out.” – Anonymous  



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  Hugh is a happy, kind, funny, 8-year-old who's fervor for theoretical physics has blown us away. We knew he was smart when he learned every make of car there was by 2.5 year old and could identify most without looking at the logos. His sharp sense of humor was another sign. We knew he was gifted when he taught himself to read at age 4. The first word he read was "goldfish" and he used phonetics to read it, not context.

At age 5 he was reading middle school anatomy/physiology text books to me. His favorite word was "duodenum" and he knew where it was located. In that same book, in the back was the Periodic table of elements.  I explained to him that we could take 2 of the H's and combine it with 1 of the O's and it would make water. Kind of like in Mindcraft how he would take various things and put them in the crafting box to make other things. We could take one Na and one Cl, put them together and we would get salt. This was all it took, and his little 5-year-old brain was off running.  He  couldn't get enough.  He studied for hours every day for months.  It didn’t stop with chemistry as this passion branched into the other sciences. Before long he was explaining to us the difference between centripetal force and angular momentum. He has amassed and retained a large amount of knowledge all of which is purely self-taught. 

This page is dedicated to trying to capture the moments Hugh tries to explain scientific facts and phenomenon to me (his mother) while gaining exposure to networking opportunities.  Explanations in the videos from Hugh range from negative mass, Higgs Boson particles, how light works, particle accelerators, and on and on.  Hugh was 6 years old when we started documenting some of his knowledge.  He has an extreme interest in astrophysics, subatomic particle physics, quantum mechanics, general relativity, cosmology, microbiology, and chemistry.  He is correcting my grammar and punctuation as I type this.  By age 7, Hugh was invited to join Mensa, became a Davidson Young Scholar, and was accepted into the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.  Hugh loves visiting his favorite astrophysics professor Dr. Arash Bodaghee at college, sitting in his class and interacting with the students.  He also loves speaking/lecturing to groups about various theoretical physics topics and attending astrophysics and cosmology lectures.    

WRDW News Channel 12: Third grader has an uncanny knowledge and love for astrophysics

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
(News 12 This Morning)

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Hugh Eubanks is like any other 8-year-old, he loves gymnastics, spending time with his family, sugar cookies and...theoretical astrophysics.

"In general, I kind of like all sciences," he says, "I'm also kind of a philosopher." His mom Jennifer always knew there was something out of this world about her son.

At a young age, Hugh preferred parking lots over the park. "By two and a half years old he knew every make of car there was without the logo."

That love for knowledge took a turn towards astrophysics. Hugh discovered YouTube videos and books about the subject. He wanted to know more and more.

For some reason, the subject really stuck with him. He began memorizing theories and developed some of his own. His mother was pretty surprised by his depth of knowledge and wasn't too sure how to handle it.

"It's kind of random and out of the blue," his mom says.

Jennifer began reaching out to college professors.

They too were shocked and were willing to take Hugh under their wings.

He might only be in third grade but Hugh's resume is stacked. He loves giving presentations on astrophysics and is even enrolled at a Saturday college class at Agnes-Scott University.

Hugh explains, "Simply because why not expand what I already know."

The class is about fractals and other things that interest him. "He'll go read on his own to get ready for class and he'll participate in class. He'll talk about his two hour car ride home," his mom says.

Hugh is scheduled to present at the Georgia Tech Symposium on Space and Innovation in November.

You can watch his YouTube videos here.

Thanks to mentors and help from the scholars the possibilities for Hugh are like the universe -- infinite.

Link to WRDW 12 News Story on Hugh

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Hugh Explains

Augusta, Georgia, United States

 “What is essential is to realize that children learn independently, not in bunches; that they learn out of interest and curiosity, not to please or appease the adults in power; and that they ought to be in control of their own learning, deciding for themselves what they want to learn and how they want to learn it.” 

~ John Holt